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The special message from the U Neek Jewels Love Collection reads:

What ultimately defines you is not only how you love at times of comfort and convenience, but also how you love at times of challenge and controversy. When you truly love a person, you will want nothing less than to give to them, be your best for them, inspire them, support their dreams and enhance their life. But what's most important is that you recognize this way of loving someone stands true as well when it comes to you loving yourself. So remember to share the same love you give to others with your Self.

When loving during difficult times, just know you already possess within yourself all you need to confront every challenge with dignity and grace. Your undeniable, everlasting inner strength and beauty is worth celebrating, everyday.

Let your U Neek Jewels Jewelry serve as a reminder... Wear it. Share it. Treasure it...most of all, treasure you!

Beautiful Heart CZ Pendant Harmony CZ Tennis Bracelet Triple Romance CZ Ring

Cubic Zirconia Heart Necklace
Beautiful Heart CZ Pendant

Retail Value: $98
Web Price: $75

Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet
Harmony CZ Tennis Bracelet

Retail Value: $150
Web Price: $115

3 Stone Cubic Zirconia Ring
Triple Romance CZ Ring

Retail Value: $90
Web Price: $70

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Brilliant Star Beautiful Heart Sparkling Solitaire Dazzling Raindrops Enchanting Sunburst

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